Who pays?

We’re sure we come across very negatively in our attitude to developers and UC. However, there is no question that the Council majority gives extremely favorable treatment to both these interests. Developers aren’t required to pay the full cost to the City of the services they use – inquiries to the Planning Department have revealed that the Department doesn’t even know the impact of large new projects on the Sewage Treatment plant, or on Emergency Services. As for UC, if it buys a property, it takes it off the Property Tax Roll, so UC pays nothing to the City. Does the City’s budget drop to compensate? 0f course not. So where does the money come from? Look in the mirror. We keep falling for the pleas that our parks/health services/ emergency services will collapse unless we agree to additional taxes or bond issues. Isn’t it time that we questioned why we pay the highest taxation rate in California, and possibly the USA, and make the real users of City services pony up?

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